Chuaquenum Church Build

Church Build at Chuaquenum

And they devoted themselves to the teaching and the fellowship,
to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” -Acts 2:42

  Springing forth from within our Discipleship programs, Church Planting has been well established for years within PBM in the form of house churches and PRAYER groups.  However, our Lord is taking it to new heights through our Lay Pastor Training and National Missionary Plants !

     “…much fruit” is being harvested through our church plants in remote villages throughout Guatemala and soon Chiapas Mexico!  In the remote village of Chuaquenum (Chew a k noom) , home to 30 precious families, God has called us to build a church in 2015.  Isidro and his family are our PBM National Missionaries there, and we are seeing incredible church growth, but they have no building to meet in.  Families from outside of Chuaquenum are walking nearly an hour to also attend and the church is growing rapidly thru the Holy Spirit! Learn more about Chuaquenum here.

“…before the very foundations of the earth were formed” our Lord set apart an absolutely beautiful location at the entrance to the village and across the street from their school where a children’s program is already established thru our church.  Thru HIS leading, we obtained the property at a fraction of the going price, opening the door to our first PBM church build!

    A mission team from 3 U.S. churches will build the church in late Feb. Only $15 per square foot is needed to complete the 1,500 sq. ft. church for a total of $22,500, plus the cost of the land at $12,550.  Can you help build HIS church in Chuaquenum?

Chuaquenum 2


“But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven,
where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt,
and where thieves do not break through nor steal.”

“PBM Board of Directors Chuaquenum Ground Breaking Ceremony”

     Chuaquenum will be the first of, we PRAY, many church builds in the years to come!  La Reina is in our hearts for a ministry center in 2016, and we are PRAYING thru many more villages that do not have an evangelical church.  PRAY with us as to your part in HIS intricate call to reach the lost! If you are being led to support our continued church planting efforts please donate towards the Village Impact Fund on our donation page


Coopersville/Iowa build team video capturing the construction and dedication!