Mission Aviation in Guatemala

Mission Aviation Program for Paradise Bound Ministries

Mission aviation, something we are encouraged and excited to share with you that our Lord is calling Paradise Bound Ministries to! There is much history that is especially important to understand AND experience as our Lord has been and is opening doors before us! We have invested almost three years into the development of this program, and working towards fulfilling the calling that God has placed on this ministry to expand into aviation. We know that through Him the program will help us to be more effective and efficient in spreading the Gospel throughout Guatemala. Please take some time to watch the video below and read our aviation posts for the most up to date information.




Aircraft donation information:

  • Open to any and all aircraft donations.
  • Any proceeds from the sale of a donated aircraft would be used to fund our aviation program only.
  • Helicopter (Enstrom Turbo or any Turbine Powered)
  • Cessna 182, Cessna 206, Piper Super Cub, or Just Super STOL would be most utilized.
  • No obligation upon filling out donation form.
  • Fair Market Value as your Tax Donation.


General donations to the Aviation Program cover:

  • Modifications to our Cessna 182Q aircraft including a new engine and propeller.
  • Training and flight costs.
  • STOL STC’s (FAA mods to the aircraft for Short Takeoff & Landings).
  • Purchase of an additional 10 acres of property at our Mission Base in Guatemala for primary airstrip.
  • Development of a grass airstrip.
  • Construction of a hangar.

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