Guatemala Mission Trip

Introducing our Guatemala Mission Trip: When God is All Around

A small glimpse into the heart of Paradise Bound Ministries during a Guatemala Mission Trip: This is what it looks like when God is all around you. When God Is All Around from Adam Richter on Vimeo.

Home Construction, Medical Clinics, the Gospel… and You

Your Paradise Bound mission experience is eight days long yet will live in your heart through eternity as you encounter and share Jesus Christ with those He calls unto Himself through You! REGISTER NOW!


Will you be an intricate part of our Lord rescuing the lost and dying on this earth and for eternity? Absolutely! Do you need construction, medical or Spanish speaking ability? No! Will you present the Gospel of Jesus Christ as you build homes, provide healing and love without words? Yes, yes and yes! Unless you are comfortable sharing the Gospel verbally, our Guatemalan staff will handle the verbal Gospel presentation and invitation to accept Jesus Christ. However, you will be right alongside us and alongside Him as He wraps His loving arms around His precious children for eternity.

Our home construction, medical clinics, and Gospel presentations are designed for you to participate at whatever level you can, no matter your age or ability. Let us handle everything; just come ready to serve, be served, and experience the joy of being the hands, feet and heart of Jesus Christ. Excuses? None whatsoever.


Your experience will consist of a combination of two phases. The first three days are spent building homes as part of our Kingdom Builders program. The latter phase of your trip focuses on providing Medical Clinics for hundreds of people without access to healthcare. Throughout your trip you’ll share and live out the Gospel along with your team.


If you’re a youth pastor or group leader, you won’t believe how easy it is to get started. Let us take care of the details so that you can focus on your student or adult team members and our Lord changing their lives and others for Eternity! PBM schedules mission experiences for churches, organizations, adults, youth, families, couples, individuals or any combination of the above.

To find out how to join or form a team of your own, head over to our Teams page. But don’t worry, even if you’re unable to attend a trip, there are many ways to get involved: Pray, Donate to send someone in your place, provide Medical Supplies or meet other Needs.