Involving Others


Collecting items to be given away either at the home building sites or during the medical clinic/outreaches is a wonderful way to involve your family, friends, and/or church, plus help your team minster more effectively. Your choices are endless, but to get an up to date list of the most needed items please e-mail us.

Here are some additional ideas:

  • Antibacterial soap: to be used in the clinic/outreaches approx. 30 bars per team
  • Small toys: you will need generally 500 per team (beanie babies, Mc Donald toys, etc.)
  • Baby kits: general baby items, shampoo, lotion, cloth diapers, receiving blankets, and similar
  • Tooth brushes and/or toothpaste: quantity can vary but 500/team is a good number
  • Eye glasses: some teams have collected old glasses from eye doctors and church family
  • Stickers, crayons, coloring books, candy, balls, jump ropes, nail polish: anything to play with the children, as much as you bring you will use!!

Medicine and Medical Supplies: These are always an urgent need; please see Medical Supplies for a prioritized list of the most needed over-the-counter medicines. Please understand the Guatemalan import laws/limitations also listed on the link.

Spanish Bibles/New Testaments: We have enough to give to each person that accepts Christ. We’d love to be able to give them to each family we encounter

Pray: Pray often. Pray early on, and share the need of prayer for you and your team on this entire journey. From the time you say “yes” through eternity you will see the amazing answers to prayer that we see every day. Pray specifically that our Lord would use Paradise Bound, you, and your team to rescue souls that are perishing. Join our online Prayer team.

Shop: Visit our Shop section to discover our thrift shoppe, purchase coffee and merchandise, order promotional material, or receive free books on prayer that have transformed our lives and ministry here at Paradise Bound.


Prayer cards are coming soon. These can be used to ask for prayer and as a reminder that “Prayer does not equip us for the greater work, it is the greater work!” These cards can be used with friends, family, churches, organizations, and even while traveling through the airports to Guatemala as many people are interested in what you may be doing. It’s an awesome opportunity to share the Gospel and receive prayer.


Encourage your friends and family to sign up below for our mailing list.  They can also visit this site and follow you on your personal and team blogs once you and your team are in Guatemala. The excitement is contagious: A recent team had over 20,000 hits on their blog during their week with us. There are many people in the U.S. wishing to support others following their heart and serving on short term mission trips.