Mission Trip Accommodations

Your Mission Trip Accommodations


Your mission team will stay at our remote mission base, which is modern and specifically designed for mission teams. Set in the middle of a large plantation and atop a mountain, there are spectacular views to behold in all directions. Your hosts and founders of Paradise Bound, Dan and Heidi Smith, their children, Anya Rozelle and some of our Guatemala staff live in apartments within the base as well. Great food, clean rooms, bath towels and beds with bedding provided. Last but definitely not least: Bathrooms and showers with hot water.



You are provided with American style cuisine…ok, all you can eat meals. Some authentic food is provided as well, but please know that we intend to keep you well fed spiritually and physically! Purified water is always available and utilized for all cooking.

If you have special diet needs or food allergies we are equipped to meet any of those needs for individual team members.  We operate in a remote area of a developing country,  and do not have access to many special diet foods.  We encourage you to still consider joining us on a mission team, but please know that you will have to bring adequate food and resources for your special diet.  Also, please know that due to Guatemalan regulations team members are not allowed in our kitchen so any special diet food items should be in pre-made form, and as much as possible not needing to be refrigerated.


The mission base is equipped with 110v electricity (same as the U.S.), no adapters needed. However, we do run mostly on solar power so be prepared to not have electrically powered items charging or running throughout the night hours. There is limited internet access through the Paradise Bound laptops only, meaning you can post and receive correspondence with loved ones and friends only via the Paradise Bound blog set up specifically for your team here. Please do not bring your laptops as you will not be able to access our internet system. In case of emergency, your family can reach us via our cell phone at 011.502.4531.3570, or by calling the office at 616-499-4905. Ultimately, your week with us is as electronically gadget free as possible…concentrating instead on our Lord, His calling in your life and on the lives of the precious ones you will encounter here.

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The Paradise Bound mission base is nestled deep within a plantation, and far away from the ever present dangers of being within a large city. Our Open Doors Children’s Home is built adjacent to the mission base, where teams stay. This truly is a place where you can relax and reinvest yourself in your personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ! Ultimately, there is no safer place to be than fully in His amazing arms.