Trip Financial Costs and Group Expenses


With the Gospel being shared in every program, most teams witness souls either coming to know Christ as their Savior for the first time, or re-dedicating their lives unto Him.

Cost per person without airfare is $800.00. Trip costs may be tax deductible (consult your tax adviser). Our goal is Eternal, and therefore the per person cost of our mission experiences are ‘break even’ financially for Paradise Bound. Often, we do not cover our costs for a team, but the ‘treasure’ in Heaven is by far greater!

Your mission experience includes: Ground transportation in Guatemala, program expenses, devotions led by our staff, housing in our new and modern mission base, bottled water (bring your own empty water bottle to fill here), and three meals a day!

  • A non-refundable deposit of $150/person is required within 10 days of your team being awarded a date, along with your signed covenant.
  • Four months prior to your departure half of the remaining amount is due (1/2 of PBM $800 + Airfare).
  • Two months prior to your departure the remaining half of the amount is due.

We have been forced to make a major change in regard to our Mission Teams, due to Airline Ticket and Fuel Price Increases.  Airline Tickets are NO LONGER included in the cost per person.  The cost per person is $800 for your 8 day experience; however this does NOT include airfare.  Paradise Bound’s staff will utilize our credit with the airlines to obtain the best possible price for your group’s airfare!  We will book the tickets for you, but the cost is in addition to the per person Paradise Bound Experience of $800/person.

Many team members raise their entire funding or trip costs simply by sending a heartfelt letter to family and friends asking for prayer and financial support. Contact us to receive a sample fundraising support letter.


Kingdom Building: You will build 10’x 12’ homes with a connected 10’ x 12’ roofed patio. Each team starts, completes, and dedicates 2 to 5 metal stud and drywall homes simultaneously for our growing list of widows and the severely oppressed living in cornstalk, mud or tin huts. These homes forever change the lives of these precious people, often for eternity. The third day as we present the Gospel of Jesus Christ, many entire families give their lives to the One who gave His life for them! It is a time of tears and rejoicing as so many come to eternal life and the mansion Christ has prepared for them in heaven. The construction is easily accomplished by anyone: young, elderly, or without any construction experience. We recommend that teams build one house per every 4-6 team members.

Each home costs only $1,325 and takes three days to construct, but is not included in the cost per person as most teams raise these funds as a team. Home cost is due by your departure date. The homes are one of the easiest fundraising opportunities as many friends or families give readily toward providing an impoverished family with a home for only $1,325. One home. One family. An opportunity for Eternity.


Prescription medicines, antibiotics, multivitamins, pain relievers, worming/parasite pills, and much, much more are utilized in your team’s clinic/outreaches. This alone saves hundreds of lives physically as villagers come from long distances to be attended in the clinics, thus giving us the opportunity to share the Gospel. You will not believe how much medicine is prescribed until you experience a clinic with us. While $2,500 is our cost of the medications purchased through medical missionary organizations, the actual cost if purchased at pharmacies exceeds $25,000 to $30,000 per team. We ask you as a team to help us cover the $2,500 in clinic costs, but if a team is unable to raise those funds, we trust our Lord to provide.


$500 provides a Bible for each family we come in contact with during your team’s outreaches. We have the funding to provide a Bible to each person who accepts Christ, but would love to give God’s Word to everyone we encounter.


One or two meals may be eaten at a restaurant on your free day while in Guatemala. These meals typically cost $7-$8 each. Souvenir costs are, of course, yours to cover.  Lastly, food on your two travel days to and from Guatemala is not covered by PBM.


Initially the thought of raising the funds may be overwhelming. However, if you are called by our Lord to work alongside us, then He will provide the funds. Yes, you will still have to work at it, as that is your responsibility, but our Lord will provide. Many teams raise far above the amount that is required and have a blast doing it! Ultimately, this is an eternal investment in souls with our Lord Jesus Christ. We have hundreds of individuals who thought it impossible to go, but our Lord says in His word, as Paul testified:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” —Philippians 4:13