Guatemalan National Missionaries

                 PBM’s National Missionaries

                                        “Reaching their own from within, thru the Gospel of Jesus Christ!”

  Discovered thru our Lay Pastor Training program, select Lay Pastors are further trained and become National Missionaries within PBM.  These National Missionaries are placed in remote, abandoned villages…PRAYING and planting a church under the leadership of PBM, where none existed before!  Tremendous fruit is being harvested unto the Master thru our National Missionaries already in the field supported by our Village Impact Ministry, but more await deployment.  Read just a few of their stories, allowing your heart to ponder their calling and inspire you in Jesus Name!

Rene’ and Olga


Rene’ is an ex-gang member, uprooted thru God’s providence, from the city he once warred within to a very remote village.  There he came to know Christ, and discovered his call into ministry.  Though not a Lay Pastor at the time, God touched our hearts with his story and he was enrolled in our first Lay Pastor Training program.  Rene‘ graduated near the top of his class with an unquenchable passion to reach the lost!

   Olga, prior to marrying Rene‘, accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior thru a PBM Mission Team sharing the Gospel with her as they built a home for her family.  She will graduate from our Lay Pastor Training in early 2015!

   Hundreds of souls have already come to Salvation in Jesus Name thru Rene and Olga!  Rene‘ walks 2-1/2 hours, 4 times a week to cover two remote villages our Lord has called us to.  But, if that was not enough, he recently discovered another “nearby” village, walking an additional hour to reach.  Here in the first month of ministry, 30 precious souls were added to the Kingdom!

  National Missionary at San Rafael Miguel and his family.


The church at San Rafael pastored by Miguel.


Darvin & Brenda (La Reina)


Darvin and Brenda are our National Missionaries in La Reina, a refugee village we completed 158 homes in thru our Mission Teams!  God blessed us with an incredible amount of fruit in La Reina as hundreds have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior thru the home building and subsequent Discipleship and prayer groups!  Darvin and Brenda are graduates of our Lay Pastor Training and are called specifically to La Reina and the precious people struggling to survive there!

We are PRAYING intently for a Ministry Center build (Church and Youth Ministry Outreach) in 2016 as the village has donated a large centrally located lot to PBM!  The youth of this village are falling prey to the world, and though they live in a refugee village they are located close to a very worldly village of 300 families.  PRAY with us not to lose another to the enemy…


PBM National Missionaries



 PRAY with us as many passionate Lay Pastors come thru our training and become National Missionaries “Reaching their own from within, thru the Gospel of Jesus Christ”!  If you feel called to support our national missionary plants please use the donation button below. You can support these national missionaries with a one time gift of any amount, or a monthly recurring donation. Supporting a pastor and their ministry for an entire year costs just $2100! Such a small price relative to the lost souls being won for Christ by these missionaries in the most remote areas of Guatemala! These funds will be used to help them continue their ministry within the village that God has called them to. 

A Missionary Monthly