Our Lord has blessed Paradise Bound incredibly with thousands upon thousands of souls coming to know Him as Lord and Savior through our Mission Trips. However, our Lord also calls us to make disciples and teach. Though not easy in mountainous terrain ever difficult to navigate, our Lord has allowed our discipleship program to flourish and grow—but there is so much more to accomplish!

The staff of Paradise Bound conducts many discipleship programs each and every week, each one springing forth out of an evangelism outreach of either building homes or a mobile medical clinic. In their poverty and oppression, many village leaders beg us to return and do more. Often this petition is in the form of physical or humanitarian relief, but there are some requests very different.“Please, we beg you to come and help us spiritually!” Others ask; “Is there nothing more you can do, we have no church and no leader and we know that you have been sent to us!” In these cases, we know that our Lord has been at work long before we ever discovered the remote village He led us to. It is then that we begin praying and following our Lord…making disciples.

Current Discipleship Programs Cover Nearly 300 Families

Chuaquenum is a village perched over 7,000 ft in elevation overlooking one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Yet is one of the poorest villages, physically and spiritually, we have ever worked in. The “road” leading in and out of this tiny village of 31 families has kept them cut off from the rest of the world. In 2009 we descended the treacherously steep “road” leading into this village to conduct a mobile medical clinic/outreach (see Team Harlem/Maurice Report, 2009). In 2010 we began building homes and even greater relationships with each family. The 31 homes were completed in March 2011, and our Lord has blessed us with a tremendous harvest of souls unto HIM! There is no church in this precious village, but our discipleship program is gaining, and we hope to purchase ground on the edge of the village soon to begin building a small church! Pray with us for God’s discernment, direction and how you can be involved! This village is inaccessible during the rainy season of May through October of each year.

La Bendicion is a refugee transplant project from the 36 year long civil war that ravaged this beautiful country. It is located in the semi-coastal region of the Pacific side, is tropical, very remote and home to 66 precious families that now occupy a war-abandoned plantation. Paradise Bound traveled to La Bendicion in 2001 and we were shocked by the poverty and difficulty of accessing this village (“shocked” as seasoned missionaries). We made repeat ventures to La Bendicion several times in the next couple years, and then our Lord opened up so much more as the “road” leading to La Bendicion was repaired. In 2003 PBM began discipleship program, and though it is still almost three hours by vehicle to access this people group, Paradise Bound is there every Saturday! In 2008 we began building homes for each family, further increasing the already bountiful harvest of souls in this refugee village. What started as a discipleship program has really taken root now as a church plant, which includes a children’s program and a potential youth program. Though there is no formal church structure yet, this little group of Christ followers is His church!

Cajagualten is yet another “end of the road” village, the same as Chuaquenum and La Bendicion. Cajagualten was discovered in 2000 when we conducted a mobile medical clinic there. Our Lord led us back there again in 2004 to begin building homes for the 95 families that call this mountainside home. Through the home building, many precious souls came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior; but as is the case in many villages, there was no evangelical church to continue their walk with Christ or disciple them. Even before the 95 homes were completed, our staff began weekly visits, one home, one family at a time sharing a meal together and sharing our Lord’s Living Word, then praying with them. This is a village where persecution of Christians is still very real and present among several families. Thus the best discipleship approach in Cajagualten is quiet, family visits within homes. When our Lord opens the door to the village leaders’ hearts, we will approach them on purchasing a small piece of land within their village to build a church. Pray for these precious ones in Cajagualten as persecution or the fear thereof, keeps this village deep in the enemy’s grasp.

La Reina is another refugee transplant village in the semi-coastal region and located in the foothills of the volcano Fuego, one of the most active volcanoes in Central America. La Reina is home to 105 families and was one of the most spiritually dark villages we had ever investigated. Fear gripped many of their hearts and most ran for their homes, scurrying their children when they saw us drive through. The thick darkness that hung over this village compelled us to begin building homes here and the difference now, with all homes complete is already nothing short of miraculous. Our Lord is blessing the homes and mission teams incredibly and the harvest has already been substantial! Here, as in Cajagualten, discipleship occurs via home visits each week, but spiritually our Lord has taken root in many hearts and every two months a gathering of Christians is now taking place through our program. There is a struggling evangelical church within La Reina, and we are coming alongside them to encourage and build them up in our Lord.

What’s Next?

Through the many villages begging us for help spiritually, we are assured in our Lord that our discipleship program will continue to grow, but we need your help in praying us into more and more villages and keeping us centered in our Lord’s Holy and Perfect will for His ministry. We will also need additional staff and pastors to cover any more discipleship programs and people partnering with us financially.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few, therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers in His harvest!” —Matthew 9:37-38

Have you had compassion to the point of motivation, motivation to the point of action for those lost and dying, as Christ did in Matthew 9:36?

Have you prayed that prayer to ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers?

Have you followed through as His disciple? Check out only 5 verses later in Chapter 10:5. What will you do to make an impact in discipleship among God’s people?