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Similar to our Church Planting program, the Paradise Bound Pastor and Lay Leader Training program is in its infancy, yet has roots deep within our Discipleship programs! As our discipleship work continues to grow and expand, several have already become small churches—and their local lay leaders are searching for viable training. However, most, due to their poverty, cannot leave or abandon their families, fields, or village.

What an wonderful problem for Paradise Bound to have! Churches springing up, leaders begging to be trained, and now organizations wishing to partner with us. All of these may soon bring to fruition our Lord’s heart among these precious leaders in their communities.

Our Lord has equipped us with a beautiful facility and tools with our new mission base Accommodations, where we can hold weekend pastor and lay leader training at no cost to the participants. The potential is eternal.

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We covet your prayers as we are assured that our Lord is leading us to build, train leaders, and oversee evangelical churches in many of the remote and abandoned villages to which our Lord has led us. Soon we will need sponsors for specific pastors and leaders to receive their training as no cost to them. For more info as we progress in our Lord’s work, please Contact Us, or become members of our email list. (See the bottom section of this page to enter your email address and sign up for updates.) You can also stay updated by becoming a Facebook fan of PBM.

Update – August 2015

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