Pastor Training Graduation 2015

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Reaching Guatemala from within, one of the pressing calls we have upon our heart from the Lord Jesus Christ, is ever present! Graduation of yet another class of Pastors is not only the completion of a call, but transitions into yet another! That of planting and edifying churches within Guatemala! PRAY with us as our Lord continues to move well in front of us, leading us in HIS plan of Salvation!

Our 2015 graduating class was comprised of 23 Pastors and Leaders of remote churches throughout Guatemala. “Remote” as in the “remote” villages that our Lord has called us to and that we visit with our Mission Teams! Nearly all of the Pastors we work with have little or no Biblical training, but felt a call from God to begin sharing HIS word, and thru their obedience a small remote church exists in their village. It is not that they do not want training…THEY HUNGER GREATLY for it! But they “live off the land”, and formal Seminary training is very expensive, plus a 3 year commitment living apart from their families and crops. Though they longed for it and cried out to our Lord in prayer, none we work with could afford Seminary training. Your PRAYERS have changed it all!

Partnered with Timothy Leadership Training, PBM seeks in PRAYER these Pastors and comes alongside them in ministry! Transporting them to our facility 3 to 4 sessions per year for a 2 to 2-1/2 year long program. It is intense, and they have huge Action Plans to fulfill when not in class, but upon graduating are a Licensed Pastor within Guatemala!

Partnering with us is YOU thru prayer and giving! Since inception 3 years ago, 42 have graduated, 90 more are in training, a new outreach/Pastor Training will being in Chiapas Mexico May 25, and hundreds are on our waiting list! To date, we have not charged any of the students anything and are trusting in our Lord to provide for HIS church thru HIS church! The investment for PBM is $250/student/module or session, 8 sessions each…$2,000/student total. Though the investment is huge, the rewards are even greater…even Eternal!

Would you PRAY and consider coming

alongside us in this, HIS Great Commission to the “…uttermost parts of the earth”?